Hedberg Well Drilling has been proudly serving Northern Wisconsin & the U.P. since 1946.

We take pride in what we do, from our office personnel to our field staff we strive to maintain an excellent reputation for the quality and care that we take in our work.

Question: How deep is my well going to be?

Answer: Due to geological conditions, elevation and code requirements the depth of a well will vary and we are unable to guarantee the depth. We do however have ways of determining an estimated depth of a well.

Hedberg Well Drilling has records of the wells we have drilled since 1946. With the driller's knowledge and experience of the area we can usually determine an estimated depth.

We also have a disc from the state of Wisconsin of all the wells constructed since 1988. We can look up the different wells in the designated area to see the depths of other wells and make an estimate of what your well will be.

Question: What is my water quality going to be?

Answer: Unfortunately, water quality is something we cannot guarantee. The aquifer changes and does not carry the same filtered water.

Our experienced drill crew will keep the customer informed if there is a water quality issue. The customer will be well informed of their choices, and will make the final decision on whether to keep the water or continue to drill. We will not pull off the jobsite until the customer is satisfied. We take this very seriously because water quality is very important in a household.

Question: How do I determine a location for my well?

Answer: There are a few things to consider when it comes to the location of a new well or replacement well. The most important is to make sure we have the proper distances from contamination sources. (This is a code requirement.)

We also consider access for the drilling equipment, pressure tank placement, and landscaping. We always try to meet with the customer and discuss the best placement for the well.

Question: How long is the process of drilling a well and hooking it up?

Answer: Most of the time we can drill a well in a matter of a few hours, depending on the depth and ground formation. Once the well is complete the pump crew will be scheduled to follow up and complete the well in 4-6 hours.

Question: Do I need a permit to drill a well?

Yes, Wisconsin and Michigan both require permits to construct a well.

Question: Are you a licensed well driller and pump installer?

Answer: Yes, we are licensed well drillers and pump installers for Wisconsin and Michigan. With these licenses we can construct wells, install pump systems, abandon unused wells and perform well and pump inspections. All of our drillers are registered and meet the states requirements.